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Marriage Coach

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Marriage Coach

Find the answers to a loving & productive Marriage utilizing biblical truths

and principals 

regardless what phase of life your living today. 


Mentoring with your needs in mind first and foremost.

Motivation for you to 

move forward taking appropriate action with confidence.  


“Sit Down & Shut Up”

Finding Your Voice

in an Insensitive World. Finding your voice and sharing your message is important, others are waiting to hear from you. 


Debra is a warm and engaging motivational speaker. 

She shares her experiences through storytelling 

with laughter and sometimes a few tears.

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K.N., CA

 I had the opportunity to be a part of a group coaching course led by Debra Alford. After using the tools, I learned some valuable listening exercises. Debra was very gentle in her approach; her exercises were very helpful and to the point.  I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know needing to learn more about how to create or build a solid relationship - because Debra not only gives you the desire to fulfill all the ‘I wills’ but she gives you both the skills to succeed!


K.B., TN

A caring, competent, empathic coach — ready to offer creative solutions grounded in faith, but uniquely appropriate to the journey of each client — that is my personal experience of Debra Alford.  Her ready mentorship, informed by her professional education, and her deep insight into the human spirit, lead regularly to moments of realization and breakthrough for challenging relationships and difficult life-circumstances for her clients. When working with groups, she’s sensitive to the whole room, able to manage and encourage the positive energy and focus of the room, but not afraid to hit pause on a well-timed, well-rehearsed, well-worth-attending program, to be sure that individual needs in the moment are being addressed.  She’s kind, encouraging, and one-on-one, infuses someone struggling to manage any number of life-challenges, with confidence — the confidence to respond with integrity to newly created awareness, to dream and plan, and to put goals into action, so that something to celebrate is the outcome every time.  I recommend Debra without reservation.

L.V., FL

I had the privilege of experiencing Debra Alford’s group coaching. She is a clear leader whose heart shines through in everything she does. Talking about relationships can be hard, but Debra has a way of bringing in humor and engaging exercises that make her group fun and impactful. Debra is an amazing coach, group leader and woman who I not only appreciate and respect but highly recommend. 

Debra Alford

Communication & Relationship Expert



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In this workshop you 

will learn

the true foundation 

on which to

build your

forever relationship.

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Core Values

Having your Core Values defined within your relationship is foundational in building a lifelong loving relationship.

Within this workshop you will gain insight 

to the power of Core Values. 

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Harmony, love and respect within marriage weighs heavily on how two people come into agreement.

This workshop will explore and define agreement without compromise.

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In exploring the world of communication, we find words are not the only way we express our thoughts or

communicate our likes or dislikes. 

Yet words are very powerful.

Here we’ll discover

tools that will enhance your

ability to communicate and 

strengthen your marriage relationships.

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This workshop is Power Packed!  You will be amazed at the freedom you will experience when you discover the power of living a life of 

forgiveness as your guide. This workshop teaches you all about forgiveness, why it is important for your relationships, but also your well-being. 

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