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Disaster  Recovery Coaching

Whether natural or human error, disasters affect people and communities every day, in many ways. As people begin to rebuild and recover, we often witness the many different reactions an individual can or will experience. It ranges from showing signs of physical and emotional stress, to sadness, anger, grief, depression and hopelessness. It's also true that disaster affects us indirectly, as the reports of a disaster are repeatedly shared with us through the media.

As a certified Professional Disaster Recovery Coach, I utilize the Fowler method of coaching to help guide you through the challenges you're facing by providing effective tools and exercises to help you gain clarity and direction for your life. We'll develop strategies that will help lead you to your desired outcome. You can once again have a clear vision of purpose, destiny, and value gaining new insights to support your individual needs.


Credentials & Certifications

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Certified Success Coach

  • Certified Group Leader Coach

  • Certified Disaster Recovery Coach

  • Ordained Pastor

  • Author

  • Public Speaker

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