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IntroEDGE​​ Coaching

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As a Professional Success Coach, I’m excited to introduce students and professionals to this amazing program called IntroEdge™.

How many of us have gone into an interview unprepared?


Not only is it uncomfortable for us, but it leaves a bad impression on those who conduct the interview.

As we all know introductions can be intimidating to say the least. Whether it’s an interview or maybe a first date or your first day of college. IntroEdge™ equips you to enter any situations with confidence and skill.

First impressions are foundational and give us an edge over others right from the start. Those of us who develop our skills, techniques, and confidence to deliver a powerful, well-organized, and passionate introductions command a true edge over others.


I am delighted to work with IntroEDGE to coach students and professionals as they master “The Art and Science of the Personal Introduction”.


Get Your Edge with IntroEdge Today!

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FREE Student eBook 

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