Marriage Coaching


Marriage is a wonderful experience between a man and a woman when you understand the purpose for which marriage was designed. 

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So often in preparing for marriage, planning your wedding is filled with all the excitement and activities that must be arranged in advance, like the date, time, place, invitations, guest list, the wedding party, church, cake, reception and the list goes on. Or perhaps you eloped. But what about the marriage--you know, that commitment stuff after the last dance of the evening, when the reception is over and your on your way to catch your plane for that long awaited honeymoon? What then? What comes after the vows of "I DO"? What do those words really mean? Now that all the excitement is over what's the plan? In real life, marriage is never a 50 + 50 = 100, but rather 100 + 100 = 2. Both giving 100% even when it is't fun or convenient. This is where your love for one another and your commitment really starts developing.  Now is a good time to discover the tools that are at your disposal to keep your marriage fresh, loving, growing, fun, exciting and engaging regardless of the years you've been married. Come join me for a refreshing, fun and enjoyable learning adventure. 

With Debra you’ll learn:


  • The foundation for Marriage

  • To passionately love and respect your spouse

  • Communication is more than words

  • Freedom to love again is possible

  • The importance of living your purpose

  • Relationship building


Premarital Coaching

Pre-marital Coaching is a vital step before you say "I DO". Pre-Marital Coaching is the most important and valuable gift you will ever give to one another. 


Many of us spend thousands of dollars on getting a good education to land that perfect job to become successful, yet fail when it comes to getting the same training or information on "How to make your Marriage successful".  Sadly far too many couples just wing it. How do I know that? Just go to and look at the statistics on divorces. You think a coaching course is costly just take a look at the average cost of divorce in today's world. Now that's costly in many ways! Not only is it costly in terms of ones finances, the emotional cost is much higher (just look at the impact our marriages have on our society). Once you experience premarital coaching in the beginning of your marriage and apply the tools provided, you will be more apt to use those tools and if needed seek further coaching later on in your relationship when needed as a refresher and encouragement. Remember NO one has a perfect marriage, we all need a helping hand from time to time. 


Here are a few questions you may want to discuss a head of time:

  1. What does Marriage represent – Covenant or contract?

  2. How will you come into agreement? Knowing agreement is Not compromise.

  3. What is true forgiveness? How do we get there?

  4. How will you handle money? Who decides?

  5. What is the purpose for your marriage?

  6. What are your Core Values individually and for your marriage?


As your coach I will help guide you to find those answers.  

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