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Marriage Coach

Mentor · Author · Speaker

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Marriage Coach

Find the answers to a loving & productive Marriage utilizing biblical truths

and principals 

regardless what phase of life your living today. 


Mentoring with your needs in mind first and foremost.

Motivation for you to 

move forward taking appropriate action with confidence.  


“Sit Down & Shut Up”

Finding Your Voice

in an Insensitive World. Finding your voice and sharing your message is important, others are waiting to hear from you. 


Debra is a warm and engaging motivational speaker. 

She shares her experiences through storytelling 

with laughter and sometimes a few tears.

Debra Alford

Communication & Relationship Expert



Covenant Marriage

In this workshop you will discover the many facets of covenant as we uncover the meaning behind

your covenant marriage.

Come with us as we

uncover a biblical

Jewish Wedding. 

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Core Values & Agreement

Having your Core Values defined within your marriage relationship is foundational. You will gain insight to the power of Core Values for your marriage and family along with how to come into agreement as it is not compromise. We’ll explore and define the differences.

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Communication & Forgiveness

In exploring the definition of true communication, we find words are only one way we communicate. You’ll discover tools that will enhance your ability to communicate. You will be amazed at the freedom you will experience when you understand the power of living a life of forgiveness. Forgiveness does not change the past, but rather enlarges your future.

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Debra & Butch

“We believe there are not bad marriage

only hurt hearts”

Over the past 26 year of coaching marriages, we’ve found that couples don’t have a bad marriage (as they may have thought or been told), but rather it turns our they have hurt hearts , misunderstandings, unmet expectations and what they consider to be unanswered prayers and ultimately a lack of understanding of God’s plan for their lives and marriage. 


Like many of you, we got married with the idea that our marriage would be much different from that of our parents. Somehow, we thought we knew what others did not. Sound familiar? Join us as we explore our marriage covenant through God’s words how He designed marriage to last for a lifetime.