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About Debra

As a wife, mother to my wonderful daughter, 3 incredible step children and grandmother of 11 amazing grandchildren and our great-granddaughter, I understand the importance of passing on the blessing of a solid foundation our community can build on. In society how we live life at home will also follow us in all we do and represent. Knowing our own purpose in life based on God's word has great rewards. Our words have a tremendous  impact on our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and our society. How we live our lives today will impact each generation as it goes forward. What legacy do you want to leave and what impact will your legacy provide to the generations after you? Discovering your God given purpose opens life's doors to opportunities otherwise hidden by the hum drum of what you might have been told your life should look like. You may even live by someone else's perception of who they see you to be, their core values or dreams they want for you rather than discovering your true purpose, your strengths, your dreams and your core values. Our lives should provide a loving and secure environment where each person can grow to know their potential through their gifts, dreams, God given abilities and find their purpose which in turn will lead them to their destiny. A place within the home and community where they are encouraged to use their imaginations and develop a vision for life. Without a proper foundation of Godly principals many suffer hurtful relationships, unfulfilled desires, dreams and a lack of purpose and belonging. 


Together we will discover your purpose through understanding your gifting. Learning how to build healthy relationships within your marriage, your personal and professional life. Let go of strife and add peace into every conversation by discovering your personality type and how to use power words that edify, exhort, correct in love and confirm. Honoring each person as you yourself want to be honored.  I will show you how the process of moving forward out of your past will allow you to fully engage in your future.  I will lead and guide you as you rebuild healthy relationships based on truth, honor, love, trust and respect. 



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Credentials & Certifications

  • Communication & Relationship Expert

  • Business Leadership Strategist

  • Life & Mentorship Strategist

  • Author/Speaker

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