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About Coach Debra

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  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Certified Master Trainer

  • Communication and Relationship Coach

  • Marriage Coaching

  • Business Leadership Coaching

  • International Best-Selling Author

  • Keynote & Guest Speaker



Debra Alford embodies a multifaceted professional who has honed her skills through years of experience in coaching and training. Her focus on connection, both in the corporate world and within personal relationships, underscores communication’s vital role in fostering collaboration and productivity.


In her work with international corporations on government projects, Debra identified a pervasive issue: a lack of genuine connection among managers, staff, and various business associates. Through Christ-based coaching, she addresses this gap by living a life based on biblical truths and techniques emphasizing connection, empathy, and relational dynamics. The transformative impact of her methods is evident in the increased cohesion, respect, and productivity experienced by the teams she coaches. 


Beyond the corporate realm, Debra extends her expertise to marriage coaching by integrating biblical wisdom with contemporary coaching techniques. Debra provides a holistic framework for communication and connection that transcends professional and personal boundaries. The overwhelming demand for her services speaks to the effectiveness of her approach and the life-changing results it yields.


Debra’s commitment to authenticity and transparency permeates her Monarch Coaching style, fostering trust and engagement within her clients or the groups she addresses. Her creative presentations and direct, caring demeanor reflect her passion for empowering her clients to forge meaningful connections and achieve sustainable, life-long results. 


As a featured expert in various publications and media outlets, Debra’s influence extends beyond her immediate clientele, positioning her as a thought leader in communication and relationship coaching. Through her work, she exemplifies the profound impact of intentional connection in enriching professional endeavors and personal relationships.

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