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The Cost of Divorce


What's the most expensive thing you ever do in your life? The answer. Getting a divorce. What value would you place on a healthy marriage? What is your marriage worth? Divorce will cost you half of everything own and those you love.


Here are a few facts: Experts say the average cost for a divorce is approximately $15,000 per person to start. Some of the costs includes attorney fees, court costs, the cost of hiring outside experts, such as tax advisers, child custody evaluators, the cost of alimony payments, child support, real estate appraisers, cost of selling your home and relocating to another area, for some finding another job, new schools for your children and the list goes on.


But beyond all those challenges it will cost you and those you love emotionally, it costs broken relationships with families and friends but most of all the trauma it causes you and your children regardless of their age.


Many adults and children suffer from depression, lack of being able to accept divorce, many become angry, lack of energy, unable to focus. Children often feel responsible for their parents divorce and feel if they would have behaved better their parents would still be married. Some experience increased health problems and the list goes on.


Divorce also disrupts God's plan for your marriage, family, community and continues the cycle of divorce from one generation to another for 4 generations. Until someone decides to stop it.


Before you consider divorce, click the button and watch my video.

Video speaking to the emotional cost of divorce, cost to children..

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